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1. Personal Information

* Name: Tomislav
* Year of birth: 1992
* Location: Croatia
* Nationality: Croat
* Occupation: Army enlisted
* Religious views: be a human

Tell us a little about yourself:

2. Your Character

* Name and class: Plav,

* Preferred talent specs (MS and OS):

* Armory Link:

* Screenshot of UI.. its terrible and I love it

* most recent fight and recount can be seen on sreenshot above, Il pass with Odyn recount since I was terrible there

Recount - DPS for God-King Skovald 14:52:06-14:53:00
1. Plav 443,727 (34.2%)
2. Kektimus-Ragnaros 326,565 (25.1%)
3. Cryptø-Drak'thul 276,831 (21.3%)
4. Templax-Ragnaros 164,399 (12.6%

* List of addons: DBM, Shadowed unit frames, auctioner, bartender 4, recount, omniCC, tidy plates...

* List of all serious alts: Flavored, 855 resto druid, Kazzak

* Please explain, very briefly, the main function of the following resources:

- Elitist Jerks - Used to be the one stop shop for most classes who wanted to read up on theorycrafting discussion.
Now it's a graveyard.
- Wowhead - WoW database where you can fine anything that is ingame or will be
- The Curse Client - Used for voice comm, addon updates, chat, my last guild used it
- Simcraft - stimulates highest possible dmg for each spec's... Its great thing to see where are you f**** up... Its also great to see overall raid performance

* Tell us, in short, about your choice of gearing and share some general thoughts of how your character performs its role. Explain your rotation and your stat weights in detail.

Gearing in legion is simple... as for me I just take gear that will provide me higher priority stats so that means in my case:

1.agility - (cant realy chose here lol ) >
2.Critical strike - ( more crits > more fury > more Chaos Strikes > more chance for Felblade proc > more fury > more Chaos strike, etc...
3.Mastery - more overall damage
4.Haste - I get some reduced cd's on Blade dance and throw glaive
5.Versatility - Im not a tank..its just "pure" dmg increase but its s***

3. Your Experience (Write a review of your past accomplishments, covering the points listed)

Started to play long time ago with private servers while TBC was a thing, then was on a break till ICC patch started some raid progress in ICC. In Cata I was raid leader for guild until dragon soul patch then I again quit. Restared to play on late MoP as main tank for guild in SoO until Warlords of Shitlords then again quit because I didnt want to sit in my garisson and dont do shit... Now Im back for legion :D

PvP is not my thing...

Previous guild was Aspired on Kazzak. We cleared 7/7 hc en and 3/3 ToV.. then guild merged with another guild and things just went bad from then. I had a month break due to my job and when I came back guild is just fall apart with all people spread accros realm...

4. Less important Questions

* Are you self sufficient with gold, flasks, buff food, gems and enchants? Simple yes, Im a grown man and I can provide gold for myself

* Have you read the 'Guild Rules' post and do you agree with everything listed in it?

Yes, its prety much dont be an idiot and jerk. I know there is sometimes more need for some classes than other in raid so Im ok with passing some bosses or loot. Even in my old guild I sometimes reloged to my druid to help with healing in some encounters.

* Are your computer, your internet connection and your headset/microphone fully functional and reliable? Include average Latency and FPS during raids. Im curently playing on my laptop ( Lenovo y700) so that sould not be problem with wow since Im usualy around 100 fps in raids, my latency is around 50-100 most of time and I never had problems with it so far. My headset is fully operatible :D

* We don't want to read raid chat during a boss encounter, are you ready to use your microphone when needed?

Yeah, it makes thing alot easier.

* If we sometimes bench you, telling you that you are not prepared or not needed on some encounters and that taking someone else instead of you will benefit the guild, will you make a scene? No. I understand then in some encunter is preferable to have more or less mdps or healers or anything...

* You will be told about your failures, especially if they cost us a kill, can you take the criticism (coming from Officer's and Guild Master)? Yeah, every critic is welcome if its constructive and not just bitching.

* If another person failed and it cost us the kill, screwing up the last attempt in our 4-hour progression raid, will you call that person's name out or will you not say anything and let the people in charge do that? We can always try again and try not to screw it up again.

* Sometimes, on the forums, in teamspeak or in guild chat, there will be sexually perverted jokes and discriminative comments about all sorts of people, but nothing more than simple jokes, of course. Do you have a problem with this?
I Love these as long they are joke and nothing more.

* Simple math test. Look at the date. D = day, M = month, Y = year. Using these numbers.
How much is 3*Y-5*D*M+4*Y*0-28?

Its 3Y−5DM−28... Dont ask my why and how.. I was never good with math, that is reason why I joined army lol

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Hello there again Plav! Thank you for your application. You've been accepted. For the guild invite please whisper November, Paige or Kallysto.
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