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Motivation Guild is looking towards recruiting exceptional players for our main core!

We've just came back now, as we were on break since Mists of Pandaria end content. Our aim is clearing out heroic encounters asap and move towards Mythic Mode which is the real challenge for Motivation ranks!

Currently we're not looking to recruit any specific class really. We expect a well written application from you along with some effort put inside, which will be noticeable. Failing to do that will result in a simple decline.

Even if your class/spec isn't pointed out above, do not hesitate applying. All serious applications will be considered and we're always willing to chat with you inside the game or teamspeak, incase you have any further questions.

Motivation is a group of friends who enjoyed heroic end content raiding in cataclysm, and wish to do so again. We are a international guild, people coming from different places, but speaking the same common language, which is english. Our raiders range from 21-30+ but also looking forward accommodating all sorts of different people.

Poke November or Chaøsghøst for a chat, more info or apply here on our website.
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