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Below you will find some general tips for when you're applying to our guild. This section is really important, so make sure you read it!

  • The application template is made basic and compact. It is intentionally created that way so you can copy/paste it fast and start working on it right away. It's there for you to add an extra touch, making it easily readable. This is your chance to demonstrate just how (un)skilled you are at producing a good piece of writing.

  • Applications that are hard to read and understand are a hassle. We don't want to invest more time looking into your own application than what you've invested yourself, so don't expect a lot of feedback if you just decide to rush it. Also, incomplete applications (ones with whole answers missing) will be declined immediately.

  • The application consideration period can sometimes take less than a day, but sometimes, it can take more than a week, depending on the circumstances. You need to be patient and check for replies on a regular basis and of course, reply yourself if the situation requires you to do so.

  • During the consideration period, members of our guild may choose to provide feedback, either positive or negative. It is their right to say whatever they want, ranging from ''I vote no!'' up to a whole wall of text, flooded with information and a thorough analysis of what you did right or wrong, as long as it's sensible and not offensive. It's up to you to put up with it and demonstrate that you are a mature individual who can stand up for himself or herself, while defending a certain point of view and taking some criticism.

  • Letting others answer the questions in your place is bad choice. We want you to be able to answer all the questions by yourself without anymore giving you tips or hints on how exactly to. If someone else is going to carry these for you, then we're probably just better off without you.

  • No matter how good a player you are, if you have real life issues that seriously impact your gameplay and the time spent online in general, you should think twice before applying. We may choose to let in a player who is a good person and has shown remarkable effort into getting accepted, but has some obvious flaws in their gameplay. We can work on these things in-game and help that person improve, but we can't provide therapy for whatever is troubling you in real life. We can't help you solve your problems, from schools up to finances, but we also can't progress with you if there is something holding you back so much.

  • The answer to the "Simple math test" is a four-digit number like the example in the [hint]. The test is there for a reason. Being good in basic mathematic is an advantage in this game. In my personal opinion, not being able to answer that question is quite embarrasing.

  • Walls of text are important and they will be even more important if you do get accepted into our guild. Reading them is going to be inevitable and obligatory. Think about this in case you are lazy and want to apply.
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