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As the title suggests, this thread covers all of the important things to note about our guild.

Make sure to read this carefully, as we will assume you are familiar with everything written here once you become a part of our guild.

1. Guild Structure

(1.1) There are 5 main ranks in our rooster. Guild Master, Officer, Human Resources, Raider and Trial. The officer rank is as important as the Guild Master one, having almost the same abilities and no restrictions.

[1.2] The Guild Master and Officer rank have authority over all other members of the guild, make all the decisions and form the Loot Council. This does not mean that other people's opinions and ideas won't be taken into serious consideration.

[1.3] Being a Raider or a Social generally means that you are a permanent member. The only difference between the ranks is that Raiders will be a part of the 10-man raiding team, while Socials will not, being there for any other guild activities.

[1.4] Trials are new members of the guild. The trial period usually lasts between one and three weeks, after which you will either be promoted to a permanent member rank (raider or social) or be booted.

[1.5] You are allowed to bring alts into the guild, having a special rank for them, but we generally don't want 10 useless alts for each person, only those that you actually play from time to time.

[1.6] Keep in mind that all major faults will probably result in a demotion, but if there's no more room for demotion, you will be booted.

[1.7] Both November/Paige and Kallysto/Surfacing are in charge with The Guild Vault. Report to them should you have any questions or concerns regarding guild finances and materials.

2. Raid Organisation

[2.1] There are 2 designated raid days with set raid times, which are referred to as standard raids.
Wednesday 19.00 - 22.00 RT
Sunday 19.00 - 22.00 RT
Monday 19.00 - 22.00 RT

Sometimes, depending on the situation, raid time may be extended up to 1 hour, raid will be notified about it.[/i]

[2.2] There will be Calendar invites for each of the those two days. A Sign Up or Tentative ( we expect this to be a "once in a while" option, also coming with a important cause ) is required as soon as the events are gonna be up on the calendar. The GMOTD will always remind you of the upcoming raids. We will not demand that people stay longer every night ( the 4th hour ), but some progression raids may require an extension, to avoid scheduling additional raiding times or missing out on important kills.

[2.3] Punctuality is something we really appreciate. Constantly showing up for raids late and keeping us waiting is not going to get you (or us) anywhere. Raiders should be online 15 minutes prior to raid start. Invites will be issued somewhere between 15 and 5 minutes to raid start.. Raid invite times may vary between raids, depending on circumstances. Guild Master or Officers reserve the right to delay invites up to the last minute before the raid start should a specific situation arise (like essential parts of the raid group missing).

[2.4] Being prepared for the raid is an essential part of a raiding guild's success. Like the chain, which is as strong as it's weakest link, the guild is not prepared to face a boss until everything is clear to everyone. That said, it is crucial that you prepare for every boss encounter likely to happen in the upcoming raid(s). That includes knowing all the mechanics or abilities in and out and being 100% sure on how to best work around them.
You haven't done what was listed above or you're missing something before round clock = you are not prepared.

[2.5] AFKing during a raid is something we dislike. We expect you to not go afk just like that during raids because of things that could've been dealt with before or after the raid has taken place. There will be breaks scheduled during the raid itself but we do not have pre-defined break times and break durations. If you are, at any point, feeling a grave need for a break, you need to let us know.

[2.6] What happens in the real life, stays in the real life. What happens in the raid, stays in the raid. We are friends outside the raid, but during the raid we're teammates and not friends. Remember this.

[2.7] Having fun in the raid is essential and that's what we all want. We want everyone active on TeamSpeak. Silence is required only during hard encounters, at times when everyone needs to focus and mind their own business.

[2.8] No matter how stupid the other guy is, unless your guild rank reads ''Officer'' or ''Guild Master'', you are not allowed to criticize out loud or make a scene. Whatever your problem is, report it to the authorities, in a discrete manner or just keep your mouth shut.

[2.9] The Loot Council distributes the loot. A short discussion with the people needing on items will occur before the decision is made. As much as we all love a good drama, we really don't want it to be over epics.

[2.10] You will never be punished by a loot ban just because you performed badly in one raid, after having several successful runs. Such extreme things are not going to happen, but trials might find themselves overlooked when it comes to loot distribution. Keep in mind that people who have received some sort of ''priority'' over you have stayed with us longer than yourself and have put more effort, time and patience into the game (up to that point).

[2.12] A special mount is one that drops on a non -100% basis and is not earned through an achievement. These are usually very rare and we don't get to see them dropping many times in a tier of raiding. People will be rolling for these mounts, but restrictions apply:

a. You may only roll for the mount if your rank reads raider or higher.
b. You may only roll for the mount if you have been a member of the guild for more than three months.

3. Fees and Benefits

This section is reserved for special traits that are provided by the guild bank, but require a financial participation.
Nothing listed here is optional. It's the way it is and you have no real reason to decline any of it, since it is beneficial towards everyone.

[3.1] Guild repairs up to 400g per day. Only applies to Raiders and the main character. No strings attached. Progress nights will probably have the limit raised only for the period of the raid, so you wouldn't have to fund a wipefest with your own gold. Keep in mind that on farm nights, the limit will not be modified, so you'll be funding the extra gold needed, assuming there is ever a need to repair for more than 4000g in a farm raid. Additionally, there is going to be a small amount of repair gold available for Trials and Socials.

  • [3.2] At this time, the guild bank is not under any obligation of providing neither flasks nor food for raiders, therefore everyone is on their own until things change. There is currently no participation fee for any guild-bank-operated actions, but should anything be implemented, it will be announced in due time. Right now, you are obligated to bring your own flasks and your own food, with the best stat increase.
This post will be edited every once in a while, so make sure you skim through the cloudy lines regularly, making sure you're always UTD and informed on the latest updates, although we will most likely have a separate discussion post whenever we change, add or remove guild rules.
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