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This is your template, already mentioned in the Guild Rules thread. Copy/Paste the text below and provide the answers required. You rarely get a second chance to make a good impression, so take your time and make your application a good read.


1. Personal Information

* Name:
* Year of birth:
* Location:
* Nationality:
* Occupation:
* Religious views:

Tell us a little about yourself:

2. Your Character

* Name and class:

* Preferred talent specs (MS and OS):

* Armory Link:

* Provide a screenshot (or screenshots) featuring your combat interface and your /played.

* Provide a WoL parse of a recent raid you've attended or screenshots of Recount in recent encounters.

* List of addons:

* List of all serious alts (Name, Level/Gear Level, Realm):

* Please explain, very briefly, the main function of the following resources:

- Elitist Jerks
- Wowhead
- The Curse Client
- Simcraft

* Tell us, in short, about your choice of gearing and share some general thoughts of how your character performs its role. Explain your rotation and your stat weights in detail.

3. Your Experience (Write a review of your past accomplishments, covering the points listed)

* Your PvE experience/achievements in all stages of the content

* Your PvP experience/achievements

* List of previous guilds and reasons for leaving (in high detail)

* Your past interactions with the people from our guild

4. Less important Questions

* Are you self sufficient with gold, flasks, buff food, gems and enchants?

* Have you read the 'Guild Rules' post and do you agree with everything listed in it?

* Are your computer, your internet connection and your headset/microphone fully functional and reliable? Include average Latency and FPS during raids.

* We don't want to read raid chat during a boss encounter, are you ready to use your microphone when needed?

* If we sometimes bench you, telling you that you are not prepared or not needed on some encounters and that taking someone else instead of you will benefit the guild, will you make a scene?

* You will be told about your failures, especially if they cost us a kill, can you take the criticism (coming from Officer's and Guild Master)?

* If another person failed and it cost us the kill, screwing up the last attempt in our 3-hour progression raid, will you call that person's name out or will you not say anything and let the people in charge do that?

* If you are not an ignorant idiot you will delete this line from your application.

* Sometimes, on the forums, in teamspeak or in guild chat, there will be sexually perverted jokes and discriminative comments about all sorts of people, but nothing more than simple jokes, of course. Do you have a problem with this?

* If you think there is anything else important, but was left out, feel free to add it. Make sure to list any crucial disabilities that we need to know of (or state them in private, if you don't want to write them down).
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